Institute of Edible Fungi, Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences
RA1. Isolation, characterization and bioactivity of medicinal mushroom components
RA2. Cultivation and breeding of edible and medicinal mushrooms.
RA3. Genetics and molecular biology of edible and medicinal mushrooms.
RA1: Dr Jingsong Zhang (Email:
RA2: Dr Qi Tan (Email:;
Dr. Xiaodong Shang (Email:
RA3: Dr Dapeng Bao (Email:;
Dr Mingjie Chen (Email:
Institute of Edible Fungi (IEF),
Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences,
1000 Jinqi Road, Shanghai 201403, China
The Institute will accept Postdoctoral researchers and candidates for both Masters and Ph.D programmes from different institutes in China and overseas. However, it is not authorized to confer degrees, and students must register with a Chinese university (to which the Institute is affiliated) for this purpose. IMPORTANT NOTE: The IEF is registered as an applicant with the European Commission for grant applications under the Seventh Framework Programme and is open to invitations to be a partner in future proposals

Education and Research on Mushrooms

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