Justus Liebig University Giessen; Institute of Food Chemistry and Food Biotechnology
Flavour analysis & Bioflavour production: Natural flavour compounds like nootkatone, norisoprenoids, and aromatics are produced from readily available precursor materials by means of biotechnology. Sophisticated tools of flavour analysis are employed to characterize substrates and products as well as to elucidate the biochemical flavour formation pathways.
Novel enzymes: Basidiomycetes are grown in surface and submerged cultures using renewable resources as carbon and nitrogen sources. Based on a comprehensive analysis of the proteome and secretome, novel enzymes are isolated from the respective cell cultures. By means of heterologous expression and directed mutagenesis, the enzymes may be tailored to the intended technological application in the fields of food biotechnology and white biotechnology
Holger Zorn (holger.zorn@lcb.chemie.uni-giessen.de)
BSc, MSc, PhD, Postdoc

Education and Research on Mushrooms

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