Laboratory for Applied Phytopathology, Institute of Pesticides and Environmental Protection, Banatska 31b, 11080 Belgrade, Serbia
Edible mushroom diseases (Agaricus bisporus, Pleurotus ostreatus, Lentinula edodes). Pathogens: Verticillium fungicola, Mycogone perniciosa, Cladobotryum sp., Trichoderma sp., Pseudomonas tolaasii. Testing of toxicity, biological efficiency and efficacy of antifungal substances in disease control on mushrooms: fungicides, bio-fungicides, disinfectants, plant extracts, essential oils, ets.
Ivana Potočnik, PhD (;
Banatska 31b, 11080 Belgrade, Serbia

Svetlana Milijašević-Marčić, PhD (
Banatska 31b, 11080 Belgrade, Serbia
There are 28 researchers in the Institute: 16 with PhD tittle, two MSc and 10 BSc. Research field is Phytomedicine and Environmental Protection. Laboratories: Applied Phytopathology, Applied Entomology, Applied Herbology, Applied Zoology, Toxicology and Chemistry.

Education and Research on Mushrooms

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