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  5. 1 Mushroom Biology The impact on Mushroom Production and Mushroom Products

  6. 2 Identification, Names and Nomenclature of Common Edible Mushrooms

  7. 3 Control of Pattern and Form in Mushroom Morphogenesis

  8. 4 Physiology, Cytology and Genetics of Mushrooms

  9. 5 Molecular Genetic Analysis of Diversity in Populations of Edible Mushrooms

  10. 6 New Perspectives on the Genetics of Pleurotus

  11. 7 Genetics and Breeding of Spore-Deficient Strains in Agrocybe cylindracea and Lentinus edodes

  12. 8 Biology and Cultivation Technology of Volvariella volvacea

  13. 9 Interactions Between Supplementation, Fructification-Surface and Productivity of the Substrate of Pleurotus spp

  14. 10 Indoor composting, General Principles and Large Scale Development in Italy

  15. 11 An abbreviated Mushroom Composting System Aided by an Accelerator

  16. 12 Reconstruction of the Mushroom Industry in Poland

  17. 13 Biology of Artificial Log Cultivation of Auricularia Mushrooms

  18. 14 Progress of Cultivation technique of Agaricus bisporus in China

  19. 15 Fungal -and Substrate- Associated Factors affecting the Growth of Individual Mushroom Species on Different Lignocellulosic Substrates

  20. 16 Conversion of Lignocellulosics into Animal Feed with White-rot Fungi

  21. 17 Physiology and Biochemistry of Lignocellulosic Utilization by Pholiota nameko

  22. 18 Mushroom Senescence, Its Mechanism and Control

  23. 19 Selected Cultural and Harvest Practices to Improve the Quality and Shelf Life of Agaricus bisporus Mushrooms

  24. 20 Contamination of Mushrooms and Canned Mushrooms

  25. 21Behavior and Serological Identification of Staphilococcal Enterotoxin in Thermally processed Mushrooms

  26. 22 Detection of Staphylococcal Enterotoxin in Mushrooms

  27. 23 Analysis, Digestibility and the Nutritional Value of Mushrooms

  28. 24 Nutritional Importance of Mushrooms

  29. 25 Diverse Biological Activity of PSK (Krestin), a Protein-bound Polysaccharide from Coriolus versicolor (Fr) Quel

  30. 26 A New Biological Response Modifier - PSP

  31. 27 Medical Aspects of Lentinan Isolated from Lentinus edodes (Berk.) Sing

  32. 28 Pharmacology and Clinical Uses of Ganoderma

  33. 29 Hepato-protective Triterpenoids from Ganoderma tsugae Murrill

  34. 30 Immunomodulatory Activities of Mushroom Mycelial Extracts

  35. 31 Advances in the Pharmacology of Tremella Polysaccharides

  36. 32 Antitumor Components of Collybia

  37. 33 Promotion of Mushroom Production and Bioconversion of Wastes for Income Generation in Rural Areas, CDG-SEAPO's Biotechnology Training Project

  38. 34 Prospects and Problems in Commercialization of Small-scale Mushroom Production in South and Southeast Asia

  39. 35 Mushroom Cultivation, Environmental Problem to Environmental Benefit

  40. 36 Extracellular Enzymes as Targets for Strain Improvement in Agaricus bisporus

  41. 37 Mushrooms as a Source of Natural Flavor and Aroma Compounds